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 Basic walking

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PostSubject: Basic walking   Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:20 am

ok if you don't know how to walk and your walking looks like this:

then we have a lot to work on. Razz
ok i will teach you in a list of steps.
1. make it less stiff, bend the legs, the arms, and the back a little, and move the head a little teensie weensie bit. Example:

but it still isn't perfect
2. STOP SLIDING!!!!: ok as you may have noticed, the above animation which is a very common walking animation, looks like his feet are sliding around, which i highly doubt anyone does, so how do we fix it? EASY: we lift & bend the back leg a little bit. Example:

WOW! isn't that way better than the first one? but we still aren't done. sure you can quit here and be a n00b at walking, but the next step will make or brake you animation
3. Smoothness, choppiness, easing: wtf are these? smoothness, making it look realistic, choppyniss is when it is unsmooth and to fast or to unrealistic (even if your animation is about flying on a broomstick to lollypop lane you still should try to make it smooth, and use easing). what is easing? it is the progression of your animation. Still don't understand? think about it, when you walk or run the first few steps are never as fast the ones that follow it. here is a diagram thingy to help you:
Key: l = 1 frame. - = movement in between the frame. l-l--l---l-----l------l-----l---l--l-l
that may not be the exact one, but you get the idea right?
here is my example: (remember, he makes a complete stop which you don't have to do in a walking loop and your walks can be longer, but if your guy is walking to get ice cream, you have to use this, but loops (or tests) you don't really because it is like he is walking at the same pace forever, but still use a little bit of easing, smoothness, and other rules even in a loop)
4. THROW IT AWAY!: never use default stick, it is n00bish and stupid (yes this is the stick that is on the screen everytime you open up pivot, it is different depending what version you have) i like to use a thicker stick, compare the two walking loops:
my favvy stick Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy :

ok now your off, eventually you will get way better by practicing, and possibly even develop your own style!
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PostSubject: Re: Basic walking   Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:07 pm

Cool. Very useful for n00bs.

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Basic walking
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